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Protection & Life Insurance

Premature death and serious illness are fortunately relatively rare, so much so that insuring against these risks is not expensive – especially if you are reasonably young. But they happen frequently enough for life and health protection to be essential financial products.

Most people are aware of the need to have life assurance if they have dependants or a mortgage loan. But you should not ignore the need to have health insurance protection that will pay you an income if you are ill and cannot work. You can also have cover that provides a lump sum if you are diagnosed as suffering from one of the specified conditions in the critical illness policy.

We have access to a large range of products through various providers and can recommend the types of cover that are relevant for you, calculate how much you need and for how long. We can also recommend and arrange cover with the most appropriate providers.

For most of us, life assurance underpins our financial planning, protecting our family.


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