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Employee Benefits

The Staff Choice Employee Benefits scheme offers technology, discounted group rated employee benefits and discounted shopping and services that have previously only been collectively available to the larger employers and their employees.

We have many years of experience providing employee benefits for clients and long- standing relationships with many insurance companies and specialist providers of employee benefits. We established Staff Choice using this experience and purchasing power to package together a simple and affordable employee benefits programme that we think should be available to all our corporate clients, irrespective of size. The Staff Choice philosophy is built on “Added Value Products and Benefits”, “Affordability”, ”Collective Group Rating”, “Simplicity”, and “Choice”. It is now a standalone staff benefit scheme that is being adopted by many SME employers across Scotland.

Good employees are vital to the success of any business. Finding them is time-consuming and often expensive, so strategies to retain them are every bit as important as strategies to recruit them. Today's employees are more demanding and more likely to change jobs – especially if they can find a better deal. This applies across all levels – top executives, management and staff. Salary is, of course, important but additional benefits are assuming an increasingly prominent role in the provision of competitive and attractive reward packages. So as the challenges and opportunities to satisfy and retain people increase, so do the costs. The real challenge for employers is how to develop the best possible benefits programme within the constraints of the budget available and then to ensure it is communicated effectively to the employees. This is where Staff Choice Employee Benefits can help.


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